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Defending the rights of the injured in New York City since 1982.

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Satisfied Clients Are the Best Indicator of Success

At The Orlow Firm, our lawyers work hard to obtain the highest-possible compensation for every client. When we obtain five-, six- and seven-figure awards for our injured clients, we know we are delivering the legal service that our clients deserve. But perhaps our greatest satisfaction comes when we receive letters from previous clients thanking us for our diligent representation.


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I am thrilled with the results of my case. I highly recommend The Orlow Firm to any and all that are in need of a personal injury lawyer in NYC.

- Absolutely amazing results.

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Our Locations

We offer free initial consultations and operate four offices across New York City for your convenience. We can go to you if you cannot come to us.

Queens Law Office

Manhattan Law Office

(by appointment only)
The Chrysler Building, 26th Floor
405 Lexington Ave
New York NY 10174 Map
(646) 647-3398
Fax: 718-544-6485

Brooklyn Law Office

(by appointment only)
32 Court Street
Brooklyn NY 11201 Map
(646) 647-3398
Fax: 718-544-6485

Bronx Law Office

(by appointment only)
903 Sheridan Avenue
2nd Floor
Bronx, NY 10453 Map
(646) 647-3398
Fax: 718-544-6485

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