Case Study: NYC Postal Worker Slip and Fall

People who provide services on multiple establishments such as postmen are still under the responsibilities of the owners of the properties they serve. After all, it’s the legal responsibility of the owner of these establishments to ensure their properties are safe to be visited. This is also why personal damage cases involving these circumstances lead to a big question: did the owner of the property neglect ensuring the safety of his or her property?

In this case, our client is a postal worker working under the United States Postal Service who suffered a grave shoulder injury while delivering mail to a house. He in fact stepped on a loose concrete tile and suffered a fall that impacted his shoulder, requiring surgery.

Unfortunately, our client also had a shoulder injury before, worsening his condition. He was in fact unable to work for a few weeks because of recovery.

We at the Orlow Firm pursued the owners of the house for a case. After all, it falls under their responsibility to ensure their property is well-taken care of and maintained to ensure the safety of visitors and people going there. In fact, another postal worker testified that upon delivering mail a few months back, he also encountered the problem with the loose concrete tile.

The Orlow Firm was able to resolve the case with a successful resolution in favor of their client. Should you suffer from the same kinds of injuries, always remember that the owner of the property is responsible for the maintenance of his or her establishment. Do not hesitate to call the Orlow Firm to get more information about the specifics of such situations.

We at the Orlow Firm ensures that our clients get the best kind of treatment and results depending on the facts of their cases. We regularly update our clients throughout the steps of the legal proceedings to ensure they are well aware of the various circumstances surrounding their case.

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