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Just one glance at an old and then a new building tells us that building technologies have advanced considerably in recent decades. Yet injury rates among construction workers remain almost as high now as they were in former generations. Why?

Because employers’ commitment to workers’ safety has not kept pace with other advances. For that reason, when you are injured while working on a construction site in Brooklyn, the lawyers of The Orlow Firm want to help.

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At The Orlow Firm, we have handled cases occurring at construction sites ranging from the refurbishing of industrial and manufacturing spaces to injuries occurring at industrial sites.

Were you injured from a faulty ladder, scaffold, crane or tool? Did a contractor or construction site supervisor refuse to provide you with safety equipment, insist that you use unsafe, old or defective machinery or suggest that you perform a task alone that is generally performed safely by two or more workers?

Our attorney team has a combined 100-plus years of experience in helping Brooklyn workers following construction site accidents and have negotiated and litigated thousands of personal injury claims. For a no-charge consultation with a Brooklyn construction accident lawyer, contact our office.

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