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When you are injured in a car accident, on private property or from a defective product or negligent doctor, you may be legally entitled to sweeping compensation for life-changing losses like diminished earning capacity, pain and suffering and a diminished quality of life. Why, then, is compensation for construction accident injuries limited to the workers’ benefits, lost wages and medical expense compensation?

Actually, through third party claims, construction accident injuries can lead to high-value results. Why? Because third party claims are filed outside of the workers’ compensation system.

If you have been injured in a Manhattan construction accident, the Manhattan construction accident lawyers of The Orlow Firm can help you achieve the compensation and fair result you deserve. We can investigate your claim to determine if a third party was partly or fully responsible for your accident and injuries. Third parties on construction sites can include:

  • Contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Vendors
  • Delivery agents and suppliers

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