Injuries Caused By Unsafe Ladders

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Whenever you leave the safety of the ground by climbing a ladder, you face inherent risks. These risks must be carefully managed and alleviated by employers on residential and commercial construction sites. Employers that fail to do so face the possibility of a lawsuit by injured workers who deserve a safe work environment.

The New York construction accident attorneys of The Orlow Firm have worked with thousands of injured people since 1981. We truly care for each of our clients and we treat each of our cases as the most important case we have. This helps us get our clients the results they deserve.

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Unsafe and Faulty Ladders on Construction Sites

Is your injury due to:

  • A damaged or defective ladder?
  • The lack of an available ladder that is appropriate for the task you are required to perform?
  • Unstable or uneven ground?
  • A broken rung?
  • Contact with a power line?
  • An accident occurring while the ladder is being raised, lowered or moved?

If so, the Orlow Firm may be able to help you. If you are like many injured workers, you may believe your rights to compensation following construction site injuries are limited to workers’ compensation benefits. However, you may be able to pursue additional compensation through a third-party claim. Our attorneys have significant experience handling third-party claims for injured workers.

Third-Party Claims May Be Available

Third-party claims are filed against parties other than your employer, like owners, contractors and subcontractors that may be responsible or partially responsible for the accident. Third-party claims are not filed instead of a workers’ compensation claim, but in addition to a workers’ compensation claim.

Third-party claims almost invariably involve significantly more compensation than a workers’ compensation claim. New York Labor Law 240 places strict liability on contractors and owners for injuries caused by faulty ladders or scaffolding. This law allows for construction workers injured by unsafe or faulty ladders to obtain full compensation for their injuries.

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