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Crane accidents in New York City can turn the bustling life of construction zones into scenes of turmoil and tragedy. With towering skylines shaping the city’s identity, cranes are a common sighting—but with their presence comes an increased risk for catastrophic mishaps.

Established in 1982, The Orlow Firm harnesses over three decades of dedicated legal experience to stand as a bulwark for those affected by these daunting incidents. Our seasoned attorneys understand every nuance of personal injury law and have committed themselves to champion the rights of injured workers and pedestrians alike.

Injury statistics reveal that crane-related accidents account for some of the most severe cases within construction site injuries, underscoring the need for skilled legal counsel to navigate these complex situations.

At The Orlow Firm, we provide more than just representation; we offer peace of mind through comprehensive case evaluations at no cost—a testament to our belief in justice over profit.

Remember, when facing a giant like a crane accident, you’re not alone.. Call us today.

Key Takeaways

  • The Orlow Firm is a team of lawyers in New York City who help people hurt in crane accidents.
  • You can talk to these lawyers for free to learn about your rights and what money you could get.
  • They look at everything: who made the mistake, how bad your injuries are, and what laws apply.
  • The Orlow Firm does not charge you unless they win money for your case.
  • If you’re hurt by a crane at work, workers’ compensation laws may also give you money for medical bills and lost pay.

The Orlow Firm’s Successful Construction Accident Claims:

  1. $3,375,000 for a construction worker who fell 12’ off a ladder. He injured his neck, back, elbow and shoulder. Both his neck and back required surgery.
  2. $3,000,000 for construction worker who fell from a ladder sustaining a fractured femur requiring surgery as well as back injuries requiring surgery.
  3. $2,500,000 for a construction worker who sustained injuries to his lower back requiring surgery when a wall collapsed onto the forklift he was operating.
  4. $2,100,000 verdict for an undocumented construction worker who fell off a scaffold. He sustained injuries that required surgery to his elbow and shoulder.
  5. $2,000,000 for a maintenance worker who fell while going down a cellar ladder. The fall caused injuries to his back that required surgery.
  6. $1,850,000 for a construction worker who was in the process of transporting an elevator platform when it toppled over into him causing an injury to his back which required surgery.
  7. $1,750,000 Client was a construction worker who fell down stairs while carrying a bundle of metal studs. He injured his back requiring surgery.
  8. $1,750,000 settlement for a construction worker who sustained a fractured ankle when he fell off a ladder. His ankle required multiple surgeries.
  9. $1,600,000 for a construction worker injured when he fell down a temporary staircase which was shaking and not properly secured to the ground. He sustained injuries to his back requiring surgery which prevented him from working.
  10. $1,375,000 for a construction accident in which a man fell from a scaffold, injuring his back and knee. The settlement was established through mediation.

Plus 10’s of millions more!

Understanding Crane Accidents

A construction worker inspecting a damaged crane at a construction site.

Crane accidents can cause serious harm to construction workers and others nearby. They happen for many reasons, like machinery failure or human error. Often, workers get hurt because something went wrong with the crane operation itself.

Maybe the equipment was old or not cared for right. Or perhaps the person in charge made a mistake. Understanding what caused an accident can help figure out who should be responsible.

Knowing about different kinds of crane accidents is also key. Sometimes cranes hit power lines or drop heavy things by accident. Other times they might fall over because they were not set up safely enough on uneven ground, or simply due to bad weather making things unstable.

Each type of accident can lead to different injuries, from broken bones to more scary stuff like spinal cord injuries—or worse, death. It’s important for hurt people to learn about their rights and how they might get help paying medical bills or getting better after an injury.

Common Causes and Injuries

A construction worker injured by a fallen crane on a bustling site.

Crane accidents can happen for many reasons. People get hurt from these accidents in different ways.

  • Equipment Failure: Sometimes, cranes break because parts fail or are not good enough. This can make things fall or the crane itself could collapse, hurting people below.
  • Human Error: Operators might make mistakes if they are not trained well or if they are too tired. Mistakes like dropping heavy items can cause serious harm to others.
  • Bad Communication: Workers need to talk clearly on construction sites. If signals get mixed up, it may lead to stuff being dropped by accident.
  • Ignoring Safety Rules: Construction sites must follow strict safety rules. When people do not follow them, cranes can hit power lines or buildings and cause injuries.
  • Poor Weather Conditions: Wind and rain make it hard to use cranes safely. This can cause things to slip and fall, hitting workers.
  • Overloading the Crane: Lifting too much weight is dangerous. It puts too much stress on the crane, which might tip over or drop its load.
  • Inadequate Maintenance: Cranes need regular check-ups. When they’re not looked after properly, things can go wrong without warning.
  • Broken Bones: Falling objects or collapses often break workers’ bones.
  • Head Injuries: Hard hits to the head from falling materials can be very bad and sometimes fatal.
  • Spinal Damage: Big falls or getting crushed by heavy weights can damage the spine badly.
  • Cuts and Bruises: Flying debris from crane accidents may cut skin or cause big bruises.
  • Electrical Shocks: Contact with power lines during crane operations leads to dangerous shocks.

Legal Options for Crane Accident Victims

If you get hurt in a crane accident, you have rights. You can go to court to ask for money because of your pain and lost work time. This is called seeking compensation. The law says that the folks who caused your trouble should help make it right.

If a company didn’t take care to keep things safe or if the equipment was not good, they might need to pay you.

You can also get money from workers’ compensation if you got hurt while doing your job. This helps with medical bills and some of the wages you missed out on because you were too hurt to work.

But workers’ comp cannot give money for pain or suffering, so sometimes people need more than just this help. That’s when calling a lawyer who knows about construction accidents can be really smart.

They work hard to find everyone who should be responsible and then push them in court or through talks outside of court so that victims like you are treated fairly.

Why You Need a Crane Accident Lawyer

Crane accidents can be very complex. There are often many rules about how to use cranes safely. If you get hurt in a crane accident, you need someone who knows these rules well. A crane accident lawyer has the know-how to figure out what went wrong and who should pay for your injuries.

A good lawyer will fight for you. They will talk to doctors, look at laws, and make sure insurance companies treat you right. They help get money for things like medical bills, lost wages from not being able to work, and the pain caused by the accident.

Without a lawyer that knows about crane accidents, it might be harder to get the money you deserve.

Our Services

At The Orlow Firm, our dedicated legal team offers comprehensive services tailored to the unique challenges of crane accident cases—because securing your justice is our top priority.

From scrupulous investigations to assertive courtroom representation, we’re committed to advocating for the full compensation you rightfully deserve.

Legal Consultation

If you’re involved in a crane accident, it’s important to get good advice. Legal help can be really useful. There are lawyers who know all about crane accidents in New York City. They can talk with you and explain your rights.

These lawyers will look at what happened to you and tell you what you can do next.

If a crane has hurt you or someone close to you, it’s smart to chat with an attorney. This lawyer can help guide you on how to ask for money for the harm done or the loss suffered.

They work hard to make sure that the people who caused the accident answer for their actions.

You want someone who will really listen and stand up for you in tough situations. Lawyers working on crane accidents focus on giving attention they need and fighting hard to win money for things like doctor bills, lost pay from work, suffering, and more.

If this is something that could help you, think about contacting them soon for a free check of your case.

Case Evaluation

Looking into your case is important. If you got hurt in a crane accident, it’s a big deal. We meet with you for free to talk about what happened. We ask questions, listen to what you have to say, and figure out who needs to pay for the damage.

We’re experts at finding all the money you should get. This means we look at how much you spent on doctors, any work you missed, and other ways the accident has cost you money. Our lawyers are good at helping people like this—they’ve done it many times before.

When we take care of your case, we search hard for the truth. We chat with people who saw what happened and hunt for evidence so we can stand up for you in court or when dealing with insurance folks.

When someone else made your life hard on purpose or because they weren’t careful enough, we fight to make sure they answer for it.

Investigation of the Accident

When we look at your case, we carefully check what happened in the crane accident. Our team works tirelessly to figure out who is to blame for your injuries.

  • We go to the place where the accident occurred.
  • Our lawyers speak with witnesses who saw the event.
  • We collect any pictures or videos that might capture the crane during or after the mishap.
  • Experts explain how cranes should operate and identify what malfunctioned.
  • We make sure that someone was checking the crane regularly for safety.
  • Our team reviews reports from when the accident took place.
  • We examine safety standards to see if they were ignored by anyone.
  • Sometimes, we discover faulty parts or evidence that helps us understand why the crane didn’t work right.
  • When necessary, we consult medical professionals on how your injuries impact you.

Representation in Court

When it’s time to take your crane accident case to court, there’s no need to feel scared. You’ll have lawyers who will speak up for you in front of the judge and everybody else. They’re on your side and will work hard to make sure you get fair treatment.

These experts understand personal injury law really well and they use that understanding in court. They’ll make sure everyone hears the important details about what happened to you.

Their aim is to help you get all the money you should receive after your accident.

Compensation for Crane Accidents

At The Orlow Firm, understanding your rights to compensation after a crane accident is pivotal—our dedicated team fights to secure what you deserve for every hardship endured. Let us navigate the complexities of your claim, ensuring that each loss, from physical injuries to financial strain, is thoroughly accounted for and compellingly presented in your pursuit of justice.

Types of Compensation Available

If you are injured in a crane accident, you might receive money for your troubles. This is known as compensation. Here are the types of assistance available:

  • Money to cover medical costs: This includes visits to the doctor, stays in the hospital, medicine, and any treatment you may need.
  • Pay for lost work time: If you cannot go back to your job because of your injuries, you could get money for the income you’re missing out on.
  • Cash for pain and bad feelings: Accidents can cause a lot of physical pain or emotional upset. Sometimes there’s money given for that.
  • Funds for what you would have earned later: If your injury means you won’t make as much money as before, this type can help with those future losses.
  • Money to fix broken things: If anything of yours was damaged during the accident, this pays to repair it or get new ones.
  • Financial support if someone dies: Families who lose someone in an accident could get help with funeral costs and other related expenses.
  • Payments for permanent changes: Injuries that change how your body looks or works forever might mean extra financial help.

Factors that Determine Compensation

How much money you receive from a crane accident varies. It depends on the type of injuries and how bad they are. More serious injuries might lead to more money. The law considers your medical costs and money lost from not being able to work.

It also looks at how the injury has affected your everyday life.

Lawyers can help figure out who is responsible for what happened. Sometimes it’s not just one person’s mistake. Several people or businesses might have done something wrong. Your lawyer will try hard to point out everyone involved in causing the accident.

After looking at all these things, we focus on how we can get you the most money for what you’ve gone through..

How We Can Help Maximize Compensation

If you got hurt in a crane accident, you may need money to pay your bills and take care of your family. That’s where we step in. We check every part of your case to make sure nothing is overlooked.

Our lawyers understand the laws well and use this knowledge to help you get more money for what happened.

We talk with doctors to learn about your injuries and how they will change your life. Our team works hard so you can be paid for the time you lost at work and any future money you might not earn because of the injury.

Rely on us to stand up for your rights, no matter if it’s against big companies or insurance groups.

Crane Accidents and Workers’ Compensation

Workers hurt in crane accidents have rights under workers’ compensation laws. These laws help pay for medical bills and lost wages when someone gets hurt on the job. Sometimes, cranes fall or drop things because they are not used right or are broken.

This can cause serious harm to workers below.

We know these rules well and can fight to get you the money you need if a crane accident hurts you at work. You might get cash for your bills, missed paychecks, and other troubles caused by your injury.

Our lawyers will look at your case closely to see what happened and who might be responsible.

Getting money through workers’ compensation can be tricky but we are here to guide you each step of the way. Our team talks with doctors, gathers facts, and fills out all the needed papers so that you don’t have to worry about it while healing from your injuries.

We aim to take away some of the stress after an accident so that you can focus on feeling better.

Why Choose The Orlow Firm

Choose The Orlow Firm for your crane accident case in New York City, and partner with a team of experienced personal injury lawyers committed to securing the justice and compensation you deserve—contact us today for your free case evaluation.

Experienced Attorneys

Our lawyers have spent many years working on cases about crane accidents. They really know the rules of New York well. This helps them deal with hard parts of your case. They work tirelessly to figure out who is to blame for what happened and fight to get you the money you need.

The team has a lot of knowledge about crane accidents in New York City. Our attorneys use what they know to put together strong cases for people hurt by big cranes. It doesn’t matter if something fell from a crane or if the whole crane came crashing down, they’re ready to help make things better for you.

Successful Case Results

You can count on us to stand up for your rights if you’ve been injured in a crane accident. Our team has a strong record of winning cases and securing the financial support our clients need.

  • We have experience with cases where crane operators made errors that caused accidents and injuries. Our attorneys work tirelessly to demonstrate these mistakes and ensure our clients receive proper compensation.
  • When cranes topple, we’re quick to investigate and establish who is responsible. This allows us to win funds necessary for covering medical expenses and more for those who are injured.
  • There are times when the equipment used on cranes is faulty, leading to accidents. Our legal experts know how to uncover these issues and make them count in court.
  • Worker injuries often occur because safety regulations at construction sites were ignored. We excel at proving this negligence so workers can be compensated for their suffering and lost wages.
  • Unsafe conditions due to bad weather can also result in crane-related mishaps. We prove that companies should have ceased operations during poor weather but chose not to, causing harmful incidents.
  • In unfortunate events where cranes malfunction resulting in injuries or fatalities, we assist families in receiving just financial reparation for their hardships.
  • If a crane accident damages someone’s property, we also step in to help secure funds needed for repairs or replacements.

Client Testimonials

People who work with us are happy. They feel like we really care and put in a lot of effort for them. We pay close attention to what they have to say because each person’s story is unique.

Our group makes sure everyone feels heard and secure when they’re with us.

Our clients spread the word about our good work. They share how we stand up for their rights and help them get the money they need after a crane accident. Many people find comfort knowing someone is there to support them during hard times.

We’ve assisted many folks in New York City with accidents caused by cranes. These individuals rely on us because we understand the law and we always make sure they are looked after from beginning to end.

If we don’t win, they don’t pay—that shows just how sure we are in our ability to help!

Personalized Attention

Our law firm gives every case special attention. We listen to what you have to say and learn all about your experience. Our team understands that your situation is unique. We spend time getting to know not just the facts, but also how the crane accident has impacted your life.

With us, you’re more than just a number. Our lawyers stick with you from beginning to end, answering questions and helping you understand each part of the process. When there are updates or decisions needed for your case, we discuss them together so that every choice looks out for your best interest.

Being injured in a crane accident can flip everything upside down. That’s why our team works hard for you—to help as much as possible in getting things back on track. You’ll have people fighting for what’s right by your side every step of the way.

No Fee Unless We Win

You only pay if we get you money for your crane accident case. The Orlow Firm believes you should not worry about lawyer fees when you are hurt. We work hard to win your case. If we don’t win, you owe us nothing.

This way, you can focus on getting better while we handle the legal stuff.

We fight for your rights after a crane accident and make sure those at fault pay for what happened to you. With us, it’s all about getting you justice without any risk to your wallet.

Trust us to stand by your side every step of the way – with no upfront costs!

Additional Resources

10. Additional Resources: Dive into our extensive pool of knowledge on crane accidents and navigate your rights with ease—our additional resources are designed to empower you, every step of the way.

Information about Crane Accidents and Personal Injury Claims

Crane accidents can make a big difference in a snap. The huge metal arms that lift loads up high can sometimes snap or tip over. This could really hurt people or even end lives. If you’re injured by a crane, you might be able to get money for the hurt and time lost from work.

If you’re hurt, you need to pay doctors and heal up. You might not be able to go to your job which means no money coming in. This is where compensation comes in – it’s there to fill in for what you’ve lost because of the accident.

Lawyers who understand cranes and these types of mishaps can explain your options if one injures you. They figure out why it happened, talk with experts, and push hard so you get what’s fair.

They work to make sure those responsible cover your damages while you focus on getting better and moving ahead with life.

FAQs about Crane Accidents and Legal Options

Here’s what you should know if a crane accident happens:

  1. First, get help for any hurts. Then tell your boss or site leader about the accident.
  2. You might be able to take someone to court if their mistake hurt you in the crane accident.
  3. The person running the crane, the building company, or those who made the equipment could be blamed.
  4. In New York, you have three years from when the accident happened to start a legal action. But don’t wait too long.
  5. Having a lawyer is key because they understand laws well and can work to get you more money for your hurts.
  6. You may not need to go in front of a judge, as many problems are fixed before that stage.
  7. If you win in court, you could get cash for doctor bills, lost paychecks, and suffering caused by the accident.
  8. Chatting with a lawyer about what happened won’t cost anything; it helps them figure out how they can assist you best without charging upfront.


1. Who are New York City crane accident lawyers?

New York City crane accident lawyers – like those at The Orlow Firm – are attorneys who specialize in helping people hurt in accidents involving cranes to recover compensation.

2. What can a New York crane accident lawyer do for me?

A skilled New York crane accident attorney will work hard to get you the most money possible if you’ve suffered injuries from a crane accident, including covering medical bills and emotional distress.

3. Why is it important to have a lawyer for a crane accident injury in New York?

Crane accidents can be very serious, leading to numerous injuries or even wrongful death. A good lawyer can figure out who is responsible, such as construction companies or property owners, and make them pay for what happened.

4. How often do crane accidents happen in New York City?

Sadly, most crane accidents happen more than we’d like due to collapsed cranes or other issues on the job site; knowing your rights is essential if you or a family member gets hurt.

5. If I’m hurt in a crane accident, how soon should I seek legal help?

You should talk to an experienced lawyer right away! Time matters when dealing with workplace injuries and battling insurance companies for substantial compensation.

6. What kind of damages can I get help with after a New York city crane accident?

After an incident with massive pieces of equipment like city cranes that lead to injury, your lawyer will fight so you get paid not just for medical care but also non-economic damages—things like pain and suffering that don’t have price tags.

Why Choose The Orlow Firm?

orlow-firm-new-york-city-personal-injury-lawyersIn New York City, The Orlow Firm is known for its strong dedication to clients in crane accident cases. Our New York City Crane Accident Attorneys give each case their full attention. They bring years of experience to help you. We’ve won a lot of big settlements and verdicts. With us, you’re not just a number – you’re important. We work on a “no win, no fee” basis. This means you can go after your claim without worrying about costs. In personal injury cases, acting fast is key. You should have the best lawyers on your side. Call The Orlow Firm at (646) 647-3398 for a free review. Start your journey to getting the justice you deserve.

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