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orlow-firm-nyc-personal-injury-attorneysWelding is a common occupation in New York City, yet it is also one of the most hazardous. From dangerous chemicals and gases to extreme heat, welders are exposed to a multitude of risks every day. Accidents can happen, often leading to severe injuries or even death. If you or a loved one has been involved in a welding accident in New York City, it’s critical to know your rights and understand how to pursue the compensation you deserve. The skilled New York City Construction Accident Lawyers at The Orlow Firm are here to help you navigate this complex legal terrain.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding your rights and possible compensation is crucial after a welding accident.
  • The Orlow Firm specializes in welding accident cases, helping you maximize your claim.
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Maximizing Your Welding Accident Case with The Orlow Firm

New York welding accident LawyersWelding accidents can have life-altering consequences, making it crucial to have seasoned experts on your side. At The Orlow Firm, our New York City Welding Accident Lawyers offer specialized services designed to maximize your compensation.

Personalized Attention: Each case is unique, requiring individualized attention to ensure the best possible outcome. Our team conducts a thorough investigation, collecting critical evidence to bolster your case, which can range from eyewitness statements to workplace safety audits.

Legal Expertise: Welding accidents often involve complex regulations and standards. Our firm is well-versed in OSHA regulations and New York State Labor Laws that pertain to welding. We use this expertise to prove liability and secure maximum compensation.

Aggressive Representation: When it comes to fighting for your rights, The Orlow Firm does not back down. We aggressively negotiate with insurance companies and opposing parties to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve, whether it’s for medical expenses, loss of income, or emotional distress.

Negotiation & Litigation: Not every case can be resolved out-of-court. Our lawyers are seasoned litigators prepared to take your case to trial if necessary. We have an excellent track record of courtroom victories, which adds pressure on the other side to offer a fair settlement.

Contingency Fee Basis: We operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning you don’t pay unless we win your case. This allows you to focus on your recovery without the added stress of legal fees.

Comprehensive Case Evaluation: During your free initial consultation, our lawyers will offer an in-depth evaluation of your case. This will provide you with a better understanding of the legal complexities involved and how to proceed.

Broad Network of Experts: Over the years, we have developed a network of experts including medical practitioners, occupational safety advisors, and forensic analysts. Their expertise can be pivotal in proving negligence and quantifying damages.

Quick Action: Time is of the essence in any personal injury case, including welding accidents. The sooner we can initiate the legal process, the better the chance of preserving evidence and securing valuable testimonials.

Multi-lingual Staff: Our team can communicate in multiple languages, ensuring that language is never a barrier in understanding your rights and legal processes involved.

Client Education: We believe that an informed client is an empowered one. Throughout the legal process, we keep you updated on all developments in your case and provide you with the necessary tools to make educated decisions.

The New York City Welding Accident Lawyers at The Orlow Firm are committed to helping you receive the justice and compensation you deserve. Call (646) 647-3398 For A Free Case Evaluation today.

The Orlow Firm’s Successful Construction Accident Claims:

  1. $3,375,000 for a construction worker who fell 12’ off a ladder. He injured his neck, back, elbow and shoulder. Both his neck and back required surgery.
  2. $3,000,000 for construction worker who fell from a ladder sustaining a fractured femur requiring surgery as well as back injuries requiring surgery.
  3. $2,500,000 for a construction worker who sustained injuries to his lower back requiring surgery when a wall collapsed on to the forklift he was operating.
  4. $2,100,000 verdict for an undocumented construction worker who fell off a scaffold. He sustained injuries that required surgery to his elbow and shoulder.
  5. $2,000,000 for a maintenance worker who fell while going down a cellar ladder. The fall caused injuries to his back that required surgery.
  6. $1,850,000 for construction worker who was in the process of transporting an elevator platform when it toppled over into him causing an injury to his back which required surgery.
  7. $1,750,000 Client was a construction worker who fell down stairs while carrying a bundle of metal studs. He injured his back requiring surgery.
  8. $1,750,000 settlement for a construction worker who sustained a fractured ankle when he fell off a ladder. His ankle required multiple surgeries.
  9. $1,600,000 for a construction worker injured when he fell down a temporary staircase which was shaking and not properly secured to the ground. He sustained injuries to his back requiring surgery which prevented him from working.
  10. $1,375,000 for a construction accident in which a man fell from a scaffold, injuring his back and knee. The settlement was established through mediation.

What You Can Be Compensated For in a New York City Welding Accident

If you’ve been involved in a welding accident in New York City, it’s natural to wonder what type of compensation you might be entitled to. Knowing the different categories of damages available can be essential to understanding the full scope of your claim. At The Orlow Firm, we work diligently to recover all the economic and non-economic damages you’re entitled to.

Economic Damages

Medical Expenses: The immediate need after a welding accident is often medical treatment. This could include emergency room visits, surgeries, follow-up appointments, and ongoing medical care. We strive to get you compensated for all medical costs related to the accident.

Lost Wages: Being out of work due to injuries can cause significant financial strain. You may be entitled to compensation for the time you’ve had to take off work, including future lost wages if you’re unable to return to your previous employment.

Rehabilitation Costs: Physical and occupational therapy can be a long-term requirement after a welding accident, especially if you’ve sustained severe injuries like burns or vision loss. These costs can be recovered through your claim.

Property Damage: If any personal property was damaged during the accident, like your tools or equipment, compensation can often be sought for their repair or replacement.

Future Medical Expenses: Some injuries may require ongoing medical treatment or surgeries in the future. These future medical costs can also be included in your claim.

Non-Economic Damages

Pain and Suffering: This accounts for the physical pain and emotional anguish you’ve endured as a result of the accident. While it can be challenging to put a dollar value on these experiences, they are an essential part of your compensation.

Emotional Distress: Welding accidents can lead to psychological issues such as anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). You can seek compensation for the emotional and psychological impact the accident has had on your life.

Loss of Enjoyment of Life: If the accident has impacted your ability to enjoy life and partake in activities you once loved, you could be entitled to compensation for this loss of enjoyment.

Loss of Consortium: Spouses and families often suffer when a loved one is seriously injured. Loss of consortium refers to the negative impact the accident has had on your relationship with your spouse or family.

Disfigurement and Permanent Disability: If the welding accident has led to disfigurement or permanent disability, additional compensation might be awarded for the long-term impact on your life and earning capacity.

At The Orlow Firm, our New York City Welding Accident Lawyers meticulously evaluate every aspect of your case to ensure you are fairly compensated for both economic and non-economic damages. Call (646) 647-3398 For A Free Case Evaluation to learn more about what you may be entitled to.

Determining Legal Liability in NYC Welding Accidents

Determining who is legally responsible in a welding accident is a crucial aspect of your case. Multiple parties can be at fault, and it’s essential to identify them accurately to maximize your compensation. At The Orlow Firm, our New York City Welding Accident Lawyers are skilled at investigating the circumstances of your accident to pinpoint liability.

Employer Responsibility: More often than not, your employer bears some level of responsibility. Employers are required to provide a safe working environment, adequate training, and proper equipment. Failure in any of these areas can make them liable.

Equipment Manufacturers: If your accident was caused by faulty or defective equipment, the manufacturer of that equipment could be held responsible. Products must meet certain safety standards, and failure to do so can lead to manufacturer liability.

Property Owners: If your welding accident occurred on someone else’s property due to unsafe conditions, the property owner might be held liable for your injuries. This is often referred to as premises liability.

Contractors and Subcontractors: In some cases, especially on larger job sites, contractors or subcontractors may be in charge of ensuring workplace safety. If their negligence led to your accident, they could be held accountable.

Fellow Employees: Although rare, there are instances where a co-worker’s intentional or extremely negligent actions cause an accident. In such cases, the individual may also be personally liable.

Third-Party Vendors: Occasionally, third parties like vendors or suppliers who are not directly employed by your company can contribute to unsafe conditions leading to an accident. They may be liable if their actions or negligence contributed to your injuries.

Government Entities: If your welding accident occurred on a government property or involved government contracts, specific legal routes need to be followed, as government entities can sometimes be immune to certain lawsuits.

Inspection Agencies: If a third-party inspection agency falsely certified a worksite or equipment as safe, and that misrepresentation led to your accident, the agency could be held responsible.

Insurance Companies: While not directly responsible for the accident, insurance companies play a significant role in the compensation process. It’s essential to approach these entities carefully, as they often try to minimize the payouts.

Determining legal responsibility can be complex, requiring a thorough investigation and expert application of laws and regulations related to welding and workplace safety. Our skilled New York City Welding Accident Lawyers at The Orlow Firm are adept at identifying all liable parties to ensure you receive the maximum compensation you deserve. Call (646) 647-3398 For A Free Case Evaluation today.

Common Injuries in Welding Accidents in New York City

NYC welding accident LawyersWelding is an inherently dangerous profession, and accidents can lead to a wide variety of injuries, some of which may have long-term or even life-altering consequences. It’s crucial to understand these injuries not only for the purpose of your case but also for your overall well-being. At The Orlow Firm, our New York City Welding Accident Lawyers are experienced in dealing with various types of injuries related to welding accidents.

Burn Injuries: One of the most common injuries in welding accidents is burns, ranging from first to third-degree burns. These can occur from hot materials, flames, or even explosions.

Eye Injuries: Welders are at risk for various eye injuries, including “welder’s flash” (or “arc eye”), which is a condition caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation from welding arcs. Eye injuries can also occur from flying debris.

Inhalation Hazards: Welders are often exposed to toxic fumes and gases. Inhaling these substances can lead to respiratory issues, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or even poisoning.

Hearing Loss: The loud noise generated by welding equipment can lead to both short-term and long-term hearing loss if proper ear protection isn’t used.

Electrocution: Working with electrical welding equipment poses a risk of electrocution, especially if the equipment is faulty or if safety protocols are not followed.

Cuts and Lacerations: Handheld tools and sharp materials can result in cuts and lacerations, which can range from minor to severe, requiring stitches or even surgical intervention.

Falls: Welders often work at heights, making them susceptible to fall-related injuries, which can result in broken bones, spinal injuries, or traumatic brain injuries.

Crush Injuries: Heavy equipment and materials used in welding jobs can lead to crush injuries if they fall or are mishandled. These types of injuries often have severe consequences, such as amputation or internal damage.

Musculoskeletal Disorders: Repetitive motions, awkward postures, and heavy lifting are common in welding jobs, which can lead to musculoskeletal disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome or back pain.

Radiation Exposure: Prolonged exposure to radiation from welding arcs can cause skin conditions and may increase the risk of skin cancer.

Psychological Trauma: The experience of a severe accident can lead to psychological trauma, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, or depression.

Recognizing the types of injuries that can occur in welding accidents is the first step in understanding the full scope of your case and potential compensation. Our skilled New York City Welding Accident Lawyers at The Orlow Firm are committed to ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Call (646) 647-3398 For A Free Case Evaluation to discuss your options.

Types of Welding Accidents Occurring in NYC

In the welding industry, the nature of the work means that a variety of accidents can occur. Understanding these common types of accidents can help you identify safety lapses and may be vital for your compensation claim. At The Orlow Firm, our team of New York City Welding Accident Lawyers has extensive experience in handling cases involving different kinds of welding accidents.

Arc Flash and Arc Blast Accidents: Arc flashes and blasts occur when electrical currents travel through the air, usually due to gaps in insulation or other faults. These are intense and can result in severe burns and other injuries.

Fire and Explosion Accidents: Welding involves the use of flammable gases and materials, making the risk of fires and explosions significant. These types of accidents can result in devastating injuries and property damage.

Electrical Shock Accidents: Welding often involves electrical equipment, and poor maintenance or misuse can lead to electrical shocks. These can be severe and lead to additional injuries like falls.

Falls from Heights: Welding work is often performed at elevated locations such as scaffolding, ladders, or platforms. Falls from such heights can result in severe injuries, including fractures, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries.

Slip and Fall Accidents: Welding environments are prone to spillage of liquids and collection of debris, leading to slip and fall accidents. These can result in a variety of injuries from minor to severe.

Exposure to Hazardous Materials: Welding can produce fumes that contain harmful substances, and long-term exposure can result in severe respiratory issues or other health problems.

Equipment Malfunction Accidents: Faulty or poorly maintained welding equipment can malfunction, leading to various types of injuries, including burns, cuts, and eye injuries.

Flying Object Accidents: Welding processes can sometimes propel slag, metal, or other materials across the workspace, leading to eye injuries or puncture wounds.

Confined Space Accidents: Welders often work in confined spaces where the lack of ventilation can lead to a build-up of hazardous fumes, leading to asphyxiation or poisoning.

Overexertion and Repetitive Stress Injuries: The physical demands of welding can lead to injuries from overexertion, including muscle strains, ligament sprains, and repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Inadequate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Accidents: Failing to wear the proper safety gear can amplify the severity of any welding accident, leading to more serious injuries or complications.

Understanding the different types of welding accidents can aid you in taking preventive measures and can be invaluable in building your case for compensation. Our dedicated New York City Welding Accident Lawyers at The Orlow Firm are equipped to handle all types of welding accidents and are committed to helping you get the compensation you deserve. Call (646) 647-3398 For A Free Case Evaluation today.

Relevant Laws for New York Welding Accidents

Understanding the legal landscape is crucial when you’re involved in a welding accident in New York City. Various federal and state laws govern workplace safety, workers’ compensation, and personal injury claims. Our team at The Orlow Firm is well-versed in these laws and can guide you through the complexities of your case.

Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA): OSHA sets the federal standards for workplace safety, including welding operations. Employers are required to adhere to these guidelines, which include proper ventilation, protective equipment, and safety training for welders.

New York State Labor Laws: In addition to federal OSHA regulations, New York State has its own set of labor laws that can come into play. Sections 200, 240, and 241 are particularly important as they pertain to workplace safety and employer liability.

Product Liability Laws: If your injury is due to a defective welding machine or safety equipment, product liability laws could come into effect. Manufacturers are obligated to ensure their products are safe for use and can be held liable for any injuries caused by their products.

Premises Liability Laws: If your welding accident occurred due to unsafe conditions on a property, New York’s premises liability laws could be relevant. Property owners are required to maintain a safe environment, and failing to do so can make them liable for your injuries.

Negligence Laws: New York follows the principle of “comparative negligence,” which means that you can still recover damages even if you were partially at fault for the accident. However, your compensation will be reduced by your percentage of fault.

Workers’ Compensation Laws: In most cases, New York employees who are injured on the job are entitled to workers’ compensation, regardless of who was at fault. This covers medical expenses and a portion of lost wages, but it can limit your ability to sue your employer directly.

Third-Party Claims: If someone other than your employer is responsible for your injuries, such as a subcontractor or equipment manufacturer, you may be able to file a third-party claim in addition to a workers’ compensation claim.

Vicarious Liability: Employers can be held responsible for the actions of their employees under the doctrine of vicarious liability. If a co-worker’s negligence led to your injury, your employer might be held liable.

Federal Employer’s Liability Act (FELA): While not commonly applicable, FELA covers railroad workers and may come into play if your welding job was related to railway maintenance or construction.

Contract Law: Sometimes, your employment contract may have clauses related to workplace injuries and arbitration, which could have implications for your legal options.

Understanding the relevant laws and how they apply to your case is critical for pursuing compensation effectively. Our New York City Welding Accident Lawyers at The Orlow Firm specialize in navigating these complex legal frameworks to help you get the justice and compensation you deserve. Call (646) 647-3398 For A Free Case Evaluation today.

Statute of Limitations for Welding Accidents in New York City

New York City welding accident LawyersThe statute of limitations is a critical element to understand when considering a legal claim after a welding accident in New York City. It’s the period within which you must file a lawsuit, and missing this window usually means losing your right to pursue compensation. At The Orlow Firm, our New York City Welding Accident Lawyers are committed to ensuring that your case is filed timely to preserve your legal rights.

Personal Injury Claims: In the state of New York, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim is generally three years from the date of the accident. This applies to cases where you are directly injured due to someone else’s negligence, such as an employer or coworker.

Workers’ Compensation: For workers’ compensation claims in New York, you generally have two years from the date of the injury to file a claim. However, you are required to inform your employer about the injury within 30 days.

Product Liability Cases: If your welding accident was caused by a defective piece of equipment, you have three years to file a product liability claim. The clock starts ticking from the date of the accident or, in some cases, from when the defect was or should have been discovered.

Wrongful Death Claims: If a welding accident results in a fatality, the family has two years from the date of death to file a wrongful death claim.

Claims Against Government Entities: If your claim is against a city or state entity, special rules apply. You typically have to file a notice of claim within 90 days of the accident, and then you have one year and 90 days to file a lawsuit.

Third-Party Claims: In cases where a third party, such as a subcontractor or equipment supplier, is responsible for the injury, the statute of limitations is generally three years, similar to a standard personal injury case.

Contractual Clauses: Sometimes employment or other contracts may specify a different time frame for filing claims, so it’s essential to review any contracts that might be relevant to your employment.

Tolling and Exceptions: In some exceptional cases, the statute of limitations can be “tolled” or paused, such as if the victim is a minor or mentally incapacitated. However, these exceptions are rare and should not be relied upon without consulting an attorney.

Understanding the statute of limitations is crucial for a successful legal claim. Missing these deadlines can result in a loss of your right to compensation. The expert New York City Welding Accident Lawyers at The Orlow Firm can help ensure your case is filed within the applicable timelines. Call (646) 647-3398 For A Free Case Evaluation to discuss your legal options today.

Prevention Methods for Welding Accidents in NYC

Preventing welding accidents is crucial not just for the safety of welders but also for everyone in the vicinity of the welding activities. While accidents do happen, many can be prevented by adhering to safety guidelines and best practices. At The Orlow Firm, our New York City Welding Accident Lawyers believe that understanding prevention methods is not only beneficial for workers but can also strengthen a legal case by clearly establishing fault when safety protocols are ignored.

Proper Training: Before beginning any welding job, comprehensive safety training is a must. Understanding the equipment and potential hazards can go a long way in accident prevention.

Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Using the right PPE, such as welding helmets with proper filters, flame-resistant clothing, and gloves, can significantly reduce the risk of injuries.

Ventilation and Respiratory Protection: Proper ventilation is crucial when welding, particularly in confined spaces, to avoid the inhalation of toxic fumes. Respirators may also be necessary for added protection.

Regular Equipment Inspection: Welding equipment should be inspected regularly to ensure it is in good working condition. Any signs of wear and tear should be addressed immediately.

Safe Work Environment: Workspaces should be kept clean and free of clutter to prevent slip and fall accidents. Spillages should be cleaned up promptly, and warning signs should be used to indicate hazards.

Fire Safety Measures: Fire extinguishers and other fire safety equipment should be readily accessible. Combustible materials should be kept away from the welding area.

Lockout/Tagout Procedures: Before working on any electrical equipment, proper lockout/tagout procedures should be followed to prevent electrical shocks.

Follow Safety Codes and Regulations: Always adhere to OSHA regulations and any other local or state safety codes to ensure a safe working environment.

Safety Briefings and Drills: Regular safety meetings and drills can ensure that all workers are up to date on the latest safety protocols and know what to do in case of an emergency.

Use of Safety Barriers: Using screens or barriers can help protect other workers from the harmful effects of welding, such as bright arcs and spatters.

Avoid Working in Risky Conditions: Avoid welding in adverse conditions like high winds, wet environments, or in confined spaces without proper safety measures.

Clear Markings and Signage: Clear markings should indicate hazardous areas, and proper signage should be posted to warn about the risks involved in the welding operations.

Consult Safety Data Sheets: Before working with any new materials, consult their Safety Data Sheets for specific precautions and PPE recommendations.

Knowing how to prevent accidents can not only keep you safe but can also help identify when others have been negligent, providing critical support to your legal claim. If you have been injured in a welding accident, the expert New York City Welding Accident Lawyers at The Orlow Firm are committed to helping you get the justice and compensation you deserve. Call (646) 647-3398 For A Free Case Evaluation today.

Additional Resources for Victims of New York City Welding Accidents

Understanding your rights and responsibilities following a welding accident in New York City is critical. Below are some additional resources that may help you become more informed about workplace safety, welding guidelines, and other relevant issues. For personalized assistance tailored to your situation, don’t hesitate to call The Orlow Firm at (646) 647-3398 For A Free Case Evaluation.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) – Welding, Cutting, and Brazing For comprehensive guidelines on safe welding practices directly from the federal body responsible for workplace safety. OSHA Welding Safety Guidelines

The American Welding Society (AWS) The AWS offers resources on welding education and certifications, and they also provide industry standards for welding. American Welding Society

New York State Department of Labor – Division of Safety and Health Here you can find more localized information related to New York State safety laws and regulations. New York State Division of Safety and Health

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – Welding and Manganese Provides important information on the health risks associated with exposure to manganese fumes, common in welding operations. CDC – Welding and Manganese

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) – Hot Work Safety The NFPA provides guidelines focused on fire safety during hot work including welding. NFPA Hot Work Safety

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) They provide research, information, and recommendations related to occupational injuries, which include welding accidents. NIOSH

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics – Welders, Cutters, Solderers, and Brazers Provides data and statistics related to the welding profession, which may be useful for understanding industry norms and risks. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

For comprehensive legal assistance and to maximize your claim, the New York City Welding Accident Lawyers at The Orlow Firm are at your service. Call (646) 647-3398 For A Free Case Evaluation today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is my case worth?
    The value of your welding accident case depends on various factors, such as the severity of your injuries, lost wages, and other damages. For a personalized assessment, call The Orlow Firm at (646) 647-3398 For A Free Case Evaluation.
  2. How quickly should I contact a lawyer?
    Time is of the essence when filing a personal injury claim. We recommend contacting a New York City Welding Accident Lawyer as soon as possible to preserve evidence and secure witness testimonies.
  3. Do I have to go to court?
    Not necessarily. Many welding accident claims are settled out of court through negotiations. However, if a fair settlement isn’t possible, going to court might be necessary.
  4. What if I partly contributed to the accident?
    New York follows the principle of “comparative negligence,” which means you may still be eligible for compensation even if you partly contributed to the accident. The compensation may be reduced in proportion to your fault.
  5. How much does it cost to hire The Orlow Firm?
    We operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay nothing upfront. We only collect a fee if we successfully recover compensation for you.
  6. How long does it take to resolve such cases?
    The duration to resolve a welding accident case can vary widely based on the complexities involved. Some cases may be settled quickly, while others may require lengthy legal proceedings.

If you have more questions or need a detailed evaluation of your case, call The Orlow Firm at (646) 647-3398 For A Free Case Evaluation.

Why Choose The Orlow Firm as Your NYC Welding Accident Lawyers

orlow-firm-new-york-city-personal-injury-lawyersWhen it comes to navigating the complexities of personal injury law in welding accidents, The Orlow Firm stands out as a leading choice among New York City Welding Accident Lawyers. With our deep-rooted expertise in the field, we take a personalized approach to every case, ensuring that you receive the individualized attention and compassionate service you deserve. We work diligently to investigate your claim, identify liable parties, and negotiate aggressively to secure the maximum compensation you are entitled to. Our track record speaks volumes, and we are committed to seeing your case through to a successful resolution.

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