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The hazards of lead paint exposure can vary, depending on the level of acute or chronic exposure. While many adults may suffer from headaches, abdominal pain, kidney failure or memory loss, children exposed to lead paint can develop these health complications as well as learning disabilities and behavioral problems. The risks of lead paint exposure have been known for decades. Yet despite the known facts and the state and federal bans on lead paint use, thousands of people are still exposed to lead paint and suffer serious injuries as a result.

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Adults and children can be exposed to lead paint in many different ways:

  • Certain toys are manufactured with high levels of lead paint and then distributed to consumers (particularly toys manufactured in China and other nations with lower lead paint standards than the United States)
  • Lead paint contamination of soil or water in certain workplaces, or contaminated soil that is brought in the home on shoes
  • Lead paint used in older buildings, such as older apartment buildings, low-income housing units, day care centers and other buildings
  • Remodeling or construction efforts in certain buildings by an individual or contractor who is not certified by the EPA in lead-safe practices and disrupts lead paint, causing lead particles and lead paint dust to swarm the area

Exposure to lead paint can have damaging effects on adults and children. When lead paint exposure results from someone else’s negligence, such as a landlord’s failure to notify tenants of lead paint contamination risks, the negligent individual or business entity should be held financially accountable for the hardship caused by such negligence. Our Manhattan lead poisoning lawyers have extensive experience in holding manufacturers, property owners, contractors, landlords and other parties accountable for their negligence in New York lead paint and lead poisoning litigation.

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