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State and federal laws require property owners, landlords and employers to provide a safe living environment or working environment for tenants and employees. Laws also require toy manufacturers and other manufacturers to provide safe toys and other consumer products to children and adults. Unfortunately, many times the significance of consumer safety is lost to the need to protect corporate profits. As a result, many older buildings, low-income housing, child care centers and other properties in Queens County and surrounding areas contain lead paint contamination risks that could lead to lead poisoning in adults and children.

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The Orlow Firm has decades of experience in helping victims of lead paint exposure, in recovering the compensation to which they are entitled. Our Queens County lead paint lawyers offer committed, knowledgeable and aggressive representation to lead poisoning victims and their families.

Aggressive and Experienced Queens County Lead Poisoning Attorneys

Our personal injury lawyers hold employers, landlords, retailers, manufacturers and other responsible parties financially accountable for the suffering of clients. We represent Queens County lead poisoning victims suffering from:

  • Brain damage
  • Kidney damage
  • Child developmental disorders
  • Neurological damage
  • Hearing loss
  • Damage to the reproductive system
  • Other damage caused by acute or chronic exposure to or ingestion of lead paint

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Our attorneys have extensive knowledge in all areas of lead paint and lead poisoning, including how lead paint affects adults and children, how children are exposed to lead paint, how lead poisoning is diagnosed and treated, and how to hold negligent parties accountable for the suffering of those wrongfully exposed to the hazards of lead paint.

Whether pursing a claim against a landlord or property owner, or representing clients in lead poisoning litigation related to contaminated toys, our attorneys are dedicated to providing the quality legal counsel clients need.

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