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Any large-city police department can be intimidating to victims of police abuse. An attorney with experience in taking on police officers who are guilty of police brutality and misconduct can allay feelings of confusion and intimidation and protect your rights by providing aggressive and experienced legal representation.

At The Orlow Firm we bring several advantages as Queens police misconduct lawyers:

  • First, we have handled scores of cases involving police misconduct, police brutality, false arrest and malicious prosecution
  • Second, firm founder Steve Orlow is fully familiar with the workings of Queens County government from his service as an elected Queens city council member. He is also a former Assistant District Attorney.

If you have been injured by a police officer or have questions regarding your treatment during a Queens criminal prosecution, contact a Queens police misconduct lawyer at The Orlow Firm by dialing (646) 647-3398.

While police brutality is certainly the exception in dealings with police officers, it is, unfortunately, not rare. And what might seem like merely “iffy” behavior on the part of law enforcement officials can be in strict violation of laws and rules governing police behavior.

We can meet with you one on one to discuss your potential police misconduct case and, if a violation and injuries have occurred, provide aggressive and results-driven representation. We have recovered numerous five- and six-figure awards following police misconduct. For a no-charge consultation with a Queens police misconduct lawyer, contact our office.

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