Lead Poisoning

Are You a Victim of Lead Poisoning in New York?

Victims of lead poisoning face serious health issues and a strong need for experienced, committed and knowledgeable legal representation. Even as victims grapple with symptoms ranging from nervousness and lack of appetite to central nervous system issues like delirium, cognitive deficits and convulsions, the landlords and employers that are responsible for lead poisoning can be elusive. Once the responsible parties are found, they are unlikely to admit responsibility without a legal fight.

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Lead Paint Causes Serious Medical Problems

Lead is a toxin that was once a frequent ingredient in paint. Because it causes serious health problems, lead paint has been banned in the U.S. since 1978. Despite numerous safeguards, paint containing lead may still be present in homes, workplaces and even children’s toys. People who suffer from medical problems from lead paint exposure may be able to hold responsible parties accountable for their damages. Lead poisoning in children can have particularly damaging effects.

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  • As attorneys active in the area of lead poisoning law, we are familiar with new laws affecting tenants’ rights to be informed of lead hazards, New York building inspections pertaining to lead and laws regarding the correct removal of lead from buildings when necessary.

Lead Paint Exposure Resources

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