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For children, even mild and low-level exposure to lead via lead paint, paint chips, paint dust, lead-painted toys and the toys constructed from lead can have serious effects on development and on the child’s kidney/renal, cardiovascular and nervous systems, as well as the brain. Unfortunately, lead poisoning symptoms can be mild, subtle and even invisible for many years. As a result, testing for lead poisoning is essential for children’s good health.

If you or your child exhibits symptoms of lead poisoning, if you have reason to believe you or your child may have been exposed to lead or if you are simply concerned about lead poisoning, blood testing is available to determine exposure. The New York personal injury attorneys of The Orlow Firm can help.

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Our four-member lawyer team, together with our dedicated paralegals, our investigators and our experts, have handled lead poisoning cases in our combined 60 plus years of legal practice. We are highly knowledgeable both in helping clients receive the information and care they need following lead poisoning and possible lead poisoning, and in working to win needed financial compensation through negotiations with and litigation against landlords, employers and other parties.

While the city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene reports lead poisoning in New York dropped 90 percent since 1995, it is prudent to remain aware of the health risks of lead paint poisoning and to pursue medical help and legal help when symptoms and risks are present.

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