Police Misconduct

Police Brutality, False Arrest and Excessive Force Cases

For the most part, the people who serve our communities as police officers, sheriffs, prison officials and other law enforcement agents respect the rights of citizens. Unfortunately, just as in any line of work, there are those who abuse their authority by physically and emotionally harming the citizens they are supposed to protect. Fortunately, the law provides a remedy for the injuries handed out by offending officers.

As one of a handful of law firms in New York City representing victims of police misconduct, The Orlow Firm has extensive experience with cases of false arrest, malicious prosecution, police brutality, prison guard abuse and other types of police misconduct. We serve clients throughout New York City.

Excessive Force Is Illegal

Many complaints of police misconduct are ignored. They are frequently brushed off as if the person must be lying or somehow deserves his or her fate by having been involved with the police in the first place. Sadly, many victims of police misconduct have not committed any crime. In fact, many reports of brutality do not even involve people who were arrested. And even if an arrest is legal, the use of excessive force is not.

If you are a victim of police brutality, it’s important to contact a New York police misconduct lawyer immediately. You may have just 90 days to file an action against the police department due to notice of claim requirements.

Jail and Prison Injuries

While sheriffs and prison wardens cannot be made guarantors of an inmate’s personal safety, that does not excuse conduct that results in injuries from:

  • Negligent conditions (slip-and-falls, etc.)
  • Bus accidents while being transported or others types of accidents
  • Inmate-on-inmate violence (if prison staff could have foreseen it and failed to prevent it)
  • Jailhouse and prison guards participating in beatings
  • Denial of proper medical attention to inmates in obvious need
  • Ignoring credible information anticipating threats to an inmate’s safety

Jails and prisons exist to house those suspected of crimes who are awaiting trial and those who have been convicted of crimes and are serving out their sentences. While nothing requires these facilities to offer exquisite accommodations, our Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. This requires that prisons not be dangerous places that pose undue risks to personal health and safety.

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If you believe you are a victim of police misconduct, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit. These lawsuits can be can be brought as state and federal claims, including actions under 1983 of the United States Code. The ultimate determination as to which remedies to pursue will be made after your first consultation with us, based on factors such as backlog on court calendars, the elements of proof required for each claim and the likelihood of settlements.

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