Workers Compensation

Helping Workers Obtain Compensation After Accidents

The New York workers’ compensation benefits program was designed to enable workers to quickly obtain the money they need following workplace injuries. Workers’ compensation benefits do not provide a large, sweeping award for pain and suffering, nor do they compensate workers for others’ negligence. Instead, they cover basic necessities such as medical expenses and a portion of lost wages and income following full or partial disability.

Injured workers may be tempted to handle workers’ compensation claims on their own. An experienced attorney, however, can help workers protect themselves from problems during the workers’ compensation process. A lawyer can also identify opportunities for injured workers to obtain additional compensation through third-party claims.

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Third-Party Claims May Be Available

If you were injured on the job, The Orlow Firm can refer you to a New York workers’ compensation attorney and then help you pursue additional compensation through a third-party claim, when the facts of the case permit. Third-party claims:

  • Are like “regular” lawsuits, with no financial limits and typically exceeding workers’ compensation benefits in value
  • Can be filed against owners, subcontractors, contractors and other negligent parties (but not your employer)
  • Require the help of an experienced attorney

We have handled numerous third-party personal injury claims for injured construction workers and other employees throughout New York City. We have helped injured office workers, roadway workers, retail workers and others with third-party claims after accidents at work.

Don’t Make a Decision Without Knowledgeable Counsel

In New York, construction laws are very advantageous to injured worker plaintiffs, especially regarding injuries sustained in falls from scaffolding and ladders. Though it may seem like you don’t have a case against a third party, or even if you think workers’ compensation benefits will be sufficient, it makes sense to speak to an attorney to determine the full extent of your rights.

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