Lead Paint Poisoning Exposure from Toys

Toys Containing Lead Paint

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Lead poisoning most commonly occurs to and is most harmful to very young children. At The Orlow Firm, we believe that attorneys who help victims of lead poisoning should also work diligently to alleviate and prevent lead poisoning in their communities.

The Orlow Firm has helped clients who have experienced lead poisoning obtain the financial compensation they deserve. They have also worked to help clients and the public understand the threat that exposure to lead can bring, and to help people understand their legal rights.

One potential source of lead poisoning for children had been alleviated but has recently reappeared as a real threat: toys that have been painted with lead paint. Many of these toys come from China and have caused serious injuries and even deaths, especially when children swallow jewelry, trinkets and charms that are sometimes made almost entirely of lead.

A recently published list of lead toys currently threatening children includes not just metal and painted toys but a broad and unexpected range of items not often associated with lead risks. They include:

  • Children’s musical instruments
  • Jewelry
  • Gardening sets
  • Wooden railroad set toys
  • Bamboo toys
  • Toy easels
  • Action figures

Clearly, almost any toy has the potential to carry danger into your home. If you have questions or concerns regarding lead poisoning, lead injuries and symptoms and other lead-related questions, contact our firm.

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