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Legal Removal of Hazardous Lead

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Similar to laws governing the handling and removal of asbestos, New York City laws pertaining to lead exposure require the safe removal of lead when lead threatens the safety of building inhabitants and in other circumstances. For instance, local laws, including Local Law #1, require the safe removal of lead from day care facilities.

Landlords and other property owners cannot simply tear down walls or paint over lead paint. New York law strictly governs lead paint remediation. For example:

  • Lead paint removal must be performed by a person who has successfully completed a course on lead-safe work practices given by or on behalf of approved agencies, including the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
  • Lead-contaminated dust clearance testing must be performed at the completion of remediation work.

New York City law also governs decisions regarding when lead paint remediation is legally required and when it is not.

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