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Facts on Lead Paint Poisoning

Helping You Understand Lead Poisoning Law in New York City

“Lead is still present in many of our neighborhoods, but we can limit exposure to children and adults by working together.” — EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson.

The effects of lead poisoning can be insidious. In the 19th century, workers routinely suffered from and died from lead poisoning in a broad range of industries for decades before a causal connection was suspected and, later, proved. If you work or live in the presence of lead, it’s important that you understand the basics and facts of lead poisoning as well as your legal rights in the event of injuries or the loss of a child or other loved one.

At The Orlow Firm, we have provided lead poisoning facts and committed legal representation to New Yorkers since 1981. If you or your child has been poisoned by lead, chances are symptoms will be invisible and that serious harm, if it occurs, will manifest itself long after exposure begins. Symptoms and injuries can include:

  • Adults: headaches, abdominal pain, memory loss, kidney failure, pain and tingling in the extremities
  • Children: loss of appetite, abdominal pain, vomiting, weight loss, constipation, anemia, kidney failure, irritability, lethargy, learning disabilities and behavior problems

The primary method for detecting lead poisoning is a blood lead level (BLL) test, administered by a doctor. If you suspect you or your child has been poisoned by lead, or if you need help in accessing medical care, contact the lawyers of The Orlow Firm. We have handled lead poisoning cases and can help in all aspects of blood poisoning litigation, from initial testing to the pursuit of compensation through settlement negotiations and trial.

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