Treatment for Lead Paint Poisoning

Lead Poisoning Treatment

Injuries resulting from acute and chronic lead poisoning can be severe and even horrific. In extreme cases, the result can be wrongful death. The seriousness of the injuries generally increases with exposure levels.

Treatment also varies with exposure levels, and can include:

  • The consumption of iron, calcium, and zinc, all of which can become deficient due to lead poisoning
  • Bowel irrigation to remove lead
  • The administration of anti-convulsants when seizures are present
  • Medication to treat swelling of the brain
  • Chelation therapy for people with high blood lead concentrations. Chelation therapy involves the addition of metals into the body that bond with lead, creating harmless metals that can be passed through the body via urine

Only a physician can prescribe and administer the proper treatment for lead exposure and poisoning. If you have questions regarding lead paint diagnosis and lead paint poisoning, it is a good idea to:

  • Contact a doctor
  • Call 311 to access New York City municipal services
  • Contact an experienced lead paint poisoning attorney in New York City

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While rates of lead paint poisoning in New York City are decreasing, so is the funding that has likely lead to the reduction. When lead poisoning strikes, be sure and consult with an attorney with a long record of recovering compensation for clients following lead exposure.

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