Who Is Responsible in Lead Poisoning Cases?

Who Is Legally Responsible For Lead Poisoning?

Handling Injury Cases Resulting from Exposure to Toxic Substances Since 1981

When you or your child is poisoned by lead in New York City, whom does the law hold legally responsible for injuries? When you need help in pursuing compensation from negligent landlords, property owners and employers, who can provide aggressive legal representation based on a thorough knowledge of New York lead poisoning and liability laws, and trial experience?

Attorneys of The Orlow Firm have provided knowledgeable and effective representation throughout New York City for almost 30 years. We work with safety consultants, medical experts, toxicologists and agents from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to prepare lead poisoning cases for settlement negotiations and trial against defendants, which commonly include:

  • Owners of apartment buildings (including the City of New York), especially old apartment buildings and apartment buildings in low-income neighborhoods
  • Owners of child-related businesses like day care facilities
  • Manufacturers and retailers

Numerous state and federal laws require employers, manufacturers and property owners to provide a safe living and working environment for tenants and employees, and to produce and distribute safe toys and other consumer goods. If you suspect you or your child is a victim of lead poisoning, or if a blood lead level (BLL) test has revealed lead poisoning, contact us for a no-charge discussion of your rights and options. Call (646) 647-3398.

If you or your child’s BLL is high, we can have paint and soil samples from buildings tested, identify pealing paint, examine exposed lead piping and hold landlords and building owners accountable for all negligence.

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